Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Logging of the conveyor pulley is essential to improve conveyor belt performance. The use of lagging reduces belt slippage , improve tracking and extends life of belt, bearing & other components.
Ceramic Pulley Logging is specially suited for pulleys where slippage and excessive wear & tear problems which make normal rubber lagging ineffective. Tega ceramic pulley lagging widely used on the drive pulleys, can also be used on snub, bend and tail pulleys. This innovative new product incorporates square ceramic tiles with unique circular nubs which help in proper grip of the belt under wet , muddy or any such arduous conditions.
CN Bonding System: This has extra layer of specially developed rubber at the bottom of ceramic pullry lagging ensuring higher bonding strength with rubber to metal surface of the pulley.




Specially developed rubber compund with ceramic tiles.

Easily fits to existing or new pulleys & ensure long life. Thus reducing cost.

Specially designed ceramic tiles with nubs.

Provides higher belt traction & stops belt slippage eben under wet & muddy condition.

Additional 'CN' bonding layer.

Ensures higher bonding strength to the pulley surface (between rubber and metal).


Sheet Size

445 mm (17.7'') X 547 mm (21.5''')

Overall Thickness

15 mm (0.6'')

Tile Size

20 mm (0.79'') X 20 mm (0.79'')

Bonding Layer

CN (1.5 mm to 2.0 mm)

Rubber Substrate

 (60+ / -5 deg shore A)

Irregular size on special request.

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