Ceramic Lined Equipments, Bends, Pipes & Elbows

We supply and install a wide range of purpose made pre-engineered alumina ceramic tiles. Our highly-experienced technical experts can evaluate your application for a pre-engineered tiled solution no matter how complex. Our pre-engineered tiles optimise the lining life and facilitate the best possible lining, even for complex profiles.

Ceramic Lined Equipments, Bends, Pipes & Elbows are reliable, maintaining close manufacturing tolerance, and ready to install and hence facilitate quick replacement and provide long lasting trouble free operations. Ceramic lined equipments consist of ceramic line pipes, ceramic lined elbows, ceramic lined cones, ceramic turrets, ceramic lined hydro cyclones, ceramic lined orifice, ceramic lined valves. Thus it helps user to get maximum efficiency of the equipment.

With the use of CAD facility and our continuous efforts enable us to design and supply profiles like square to round transitions, splitter and other surfaces which are not common regular geometric shapes.

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